Coaching in the Family Owned Business: A Path to Growth (The Professional Coaching Series)

Coaching in the Family Owned Business: A Path to Growth (The Professional Coaching Series)

[Ebook pdf] Coaching in the Family Owned Business: A Path to Growth (The Professional Coaching Series)

Book Description : This book aims to showcase scholarly work from leading coaching psychologists and coaches from different parts of the world, with an expectation that each author will provide thoughtful analysis of group dynamics, family systems and psychotherapeutic approach to family business coaching. The book will thus provide both a theoretical groundwork and a practical application of group dynamic issues to family business coaching practices. The book is expected to provide a key reference book for family businesses, practitioners, business coaches, researchers, postgraduate students and coaching profession. It is believed to serve as an essential compendium for the coaching psychology, and a useful groundwork to understanding group dynamics of a family business. It is also expected to provide practitioner’s input in family business coaching practices, with specific reference to knowledge enhancement, and developing innovative and reflective coaching practices appropriate to family businesses around the world. The book offers a new outlook of partnership between group dynamics and family businesses in diverse settings. The book has thus a far-reaching goal to benefit coaching profession at a global level.

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